All quiet at the front

I’m completely slammed by work at the moment, but I promise to post something new soon.


Less is more, more or less

The last couple of months have been a nightmare, as far as work is concerned. I’ve had almost no “freelance” work, but my “part-time” teaching job has temporarily become more than full time. I seem to spend all my waking hours teaching or preparing to teach (for a fraction of a full-time salary), and my horn gets little attention.

Writing? That’s getting even less attention right now, but the end of term is on the horizon, and my creative juices are simmering. (I can feel it in my panties! … black today, if you were wondering.) I don’t know whether to work on my long term projects or finish putting together my anthology of “not-quite-erotica”… let’s just call it erotic fantasy, for now … or literary (erotic) fantasy. Most of it is available in some form on the, but not in the final edited versions.

I think Ezzie Dryar is having difficulty sleeping again, so maybe she will make a reappearance, too. Her tarot cards are feeling neglected, so it might involve another tarot theme.

I’m surprised how popular my last post was, considering it really was just one word. Maybe I should contemplate minimalist poetry.


my love


lilies bloom



rose garden