Keep me warm

It snowed today.

I’ve turned the heat on,
but that won’t keep me warm.
My heart’s numb,
unable to feel,
like a frozen lock.

I’ve lost the key.

Lost is inaccurate.
The key is lost to me;
I know where it is.
He’s stolen it, leaving me
to generate my own heat.

He can keep it.

I’m addicted to that one love.
I’ll not look elsewhere,
but I’m happy for someone
to keep me warm,
deep inside.

No ties.

That’s right, I don’t need them.
You heard me right.
I’ve got one already
and it’s got me grounded,
wings clipped.

That’s plenty for me.

There’s food here on the surface,
pleasure without consequences,
physical stimulation,
keep the blood circulating,
my juices moist.

My fantasy.

That’s better, right here,
keep me warm and tender,
taste me, all of me,
I’m still sweet,
lot’s left in the tank.

My desire.

Inflame me,
Take it all and hang me to dry,
work me,
build up a good sweat,
like mine.

Give it to me.

All you’ve got,
fill me to overflowing.
I want to swim in you,
and you in me,

Up in the air

while still rooted.
Forgive me if I think about him.
I can’t forget who holds my key,
but I still need you.
Keep me warm,

but not dry.