Not hungry!

I haven’t been around much lately. I’m too busy with work right now. My site traffic has been keeping up, though. I’ve had loads of interest from spammers wanting to sell me Viagra (as if I need it!) or medicine from Canadian pharmacies.

I have a message for all my spamming acquaintances. I don’t like Spam, and I’m not hungry for it.


Dear Anne

Hello dearest,

I’ve been watching your profile for some time and think we should get to know one another better. Email me at {deleted, not important} and I will send you my (naked) photos. (I know you like naked, because I’ve read your stories.) I believe you are a real nice and loving person, and (though) I’m writing for your friendship, (it’s really the sex that I want. I think you are hot, seriously HOT, although I’ve never actually seen you, or even a picture of you). Please do be in touch, so we can (meet up for a drink or something like that, or just to) be friends (then I can abduct you and empty your bank accounts, while we have wild sex. Honestly, it is REALLY the sex that I want. Maybe you can tell me stories like Scheherezade, and that might put off the day that I kill you, as inevitably I must, since otherwise you could rat on me later. Don’t take it personally, but if you intrigue me enough with your stories, I will let you live longer – and we can have even more sex. If you are nice, I won’t even have to drug you. That would be more pleasant, for me at least. Your stories won’t be as good if you are comatose, and then you become expendable).

Your friend,

Patience (Vladimir)