The Book of Cyrus (beginning, excerpt)

[1] Xila, the Great Whore,
fashioned the universe
from her own entrails
to build a playground
for her twin sons,
Sammardine and Hahn.

[2] Pleased with her creation,
Xila left her beloved sons
to fashion all manners
of plants and animals
to play with, but each
grew tired of the other.

[3] Sammardine said:
I shall fashion a being
that is my equal with whom
to converse and cherish.
Thus, he created Orus,
father of mankind.

[4] Jealous of his brother,
Hahn copied his creation,
a man, but with a womb:
Ora, the seductress of Orus,
mother of his children
and tyrant of his home.

[5] The brothers fought over
their creations in a battle
that dug great seas
and built mountains,
spilling their creations
all over the Earth.

[6] Xila, watching her sons
destroy her blessed design,
banished Hahn to rule the night
and Sammardine to the day
where he could speak
to the tender hearts of man,

[7] While creation slept,
Hahn plotted revenge,
disturbing the dreams of man,
stoking their base desires:
to need woman like food,
to breed and fill the Earth.

[8] Seeing man corrupted,
Sammardine gave him
dominion over woman,
to rule and cherish as
their possessions
for all time.

From The Book of Cyrus, The birth of Sammardine Ch. 1, vs. 1-8.