White Witch (excerpt from The Cult of Hahn)

[18]It came to pass that
Hahn cursed Albion with drought.
Sammardine spoke to Cyrus in a vision,
“Take your first-born daughter, Diana
And hurl her from the cliff of Lanoch.”

[19]‘Hahn will claim her
and the land will be spared.’
Cyrus so loved his daughter
that he refused for seven months
while the land parched.

[20]‘I will take the place
of your beloved Diana,’
said Morag his youngest child,
an albino, a disgrace to his lineage.
‘How will you fool Hahn?” asked Cyrus.

[21]‘I will cry all the night
for fear of leaving my father.
My red eyes shall hide the pink,
and my black cloak and scarf
will cover my hair,’ she said.

[22]‘And when he discovers your ruse?’
asked Morag’s father. Her reply,
‘He shall have pity on me,
and let my body be shorn on the rocks,
His tears will water the fields.’

[23]On the first day of spring,
Cyrus cast his youngest,
eyes still wild with grief
off Lanoch’s cliff,
And Hahn caught her.

[24]On his discovery,
Hahn asked, ‘Who is
this white-haired maiden?
‘Does the king not know
his own daughter?’

[25]‘I am Morag, the apple of his eye.
I have come to steal your heart.
Dash me on the rocks,
and have pity
on the innocent Albion.’

[26]‘Indeed, you have stolen my heart,
Yet I will not set you free.
You will be my consort,
The White Witch of the North,
and you will have power over the wind.’

[27]Morag cast off her cloak,
and blew a great blizzard
to smite her father,
but the snow watered the land
and ended the drought.

From The Book of Cyrus, Songs of the Tioch, ch. 4, verses 18-27


Redemption guaranteed


The greatest con artist since Old Nick should never have gone to Heaven, but there it was in black and white.

We approached the pearly gates wearing the usual grey robes. I was tired, and he offered to carry my sickle. Peter let him through and sent me to Hell.

Someday, I’m going to teach Peter modern punctuation.

Accost, harvest, stop redemption. Guaranteed stop. Beware deception.

(My latest 75-word-challenge entry. Theme: redemption. Genre: Fantasy)