Psychosis stomp


Photo by Gabriel Peter from Pexels

Chaos clap-trap rap
in para-psychobabble
delirium dump


Oh no! Not more politics!

Just an addendum to yesterday’s rant. This morning the same reporter visited the Wisconsin state fair. Interviews ran as follows:

1) Woman has been running a cheese curd van at the fair for years. A while ago she was layed off from her job, and took the opportunity to open her business. Then her husband was fired from his job as a welder, and soon his unemployment benefit ran out. Now they rely on her business. (She’s 73.)  She will vote Romney because she is worried about the big Obama government and creeping socialization. If it weren’t for that creeping socialization, her husband wouldn’t have received unemployment benefits in the first place, and it wouldn’t have been cut by the Bush government.

2) Farmer. Is against government handouts altogether. Fine, but farming is the most heavily subsidized industries in the country/world. Yes, he does accept the subsidy which is a “small part of his income”, but doesn’t like it. I guess he’d rather go broke in bad years, right? Also, he has no insurance. He’s from a healthy family, so he thinks he doesn’t need it. I hope he has a lots of money put away for his retirement, because if Medicare is cut, he’s going to have a lot of bills when he gets older. No preventative medicine, prescription drugs … what about when he has his first heart attack (since he probably isn’t watching his cholesterol) or when he gets prostate cancer (sixth most common form of cancer in men)? But hey, he wouldn’t want to accept a handout anyway. I guess he’ll just die and reduce the surplus population.