‘Round midnight (3. Skin tight, an-uncover)

Photo by Ikon Republik from Pexels

Skin tight Tuesday Night, another of Jimmy’s gimmicks to make up for O’Leary’s absence. Leave nothing to the imagination. Cover the important bits, closely. No sly peeks. No flashing.

See everything and nothing important.

My solo set: magic. Like a lap dance without ever leaving the stage. Shove a 50 in my cleavage. I dare you. Vic Malone sat in on bass after midnight. The priest was indisposed.

A touch of purple deep in my soul, a flutter.

Maybe I should have asked his name, not that I needed to know it. Like Jimmy, obsessed with my inadequacies, as long as I show them off.

Unpaint, me, unpainted. Unwashed, lathered, in a lather, hot and bothered, in the shower, unalone.

Skip, my heart.

Vic’s girlfriend’s brother, to teach me some things. Something. Make something from nothing, and maybe back to nothing again. He has my number. He won’t use it.

I don’t care. Not … really, not … yet … not there, yet. Well, maybe there, whenever, wherever.

GZeer, geeze, ghahl.

All the worlds a stage and we’re on it. Oh honey, we’re skin tight … chromatic instrumental break.

The water’s on full, gushing, but not overflowing, yet. Nyet yet.

Skin tight, fit him like a glove. My love is skin tight. Hard to concentrate on him, I’m thinkin’ all night,

Hard to concentrate at all, my … what is his name?! What. Is. It? Come on baby, keep it flowin’ … uptight, no that’s not the lyric, our set was so tight … instrumental interude

Ska, skidoo, skiddlededoo. Babadi, babadi, boodeleoo, rump pum pum, skin tight
Diggity, diggity … There! That’s ticket! Ooh! Please don’t stop it,
Keep it, slay it, slinky play it, skin tight
Bahhh, bah, booba doodlededoo, doobah doobee do, wat dodah do dat. Ah!
Slinkity slinkity kinkity Kat, that! Gah!
Gooba, gooba, gooba, dooba, dooba, dooba, da, (breath)
Rah, ta, ta, ta, rumpum, pumpum, pumpum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, ummmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gah! uh-gah. Gah. Gaga. Gah. Ga

Skin tight, baby that’s alright. Yes indeed it is. My alibi is all night. Skin tight.

Turns me in to a baby. I think I’ll cry.

I’m crying.

Baby what a big surprise … wrong song … forgot the rest of the lyrics

I should really ask his name, but that would be even more embarrassing. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Until satisfied.

I hope he calls me.

It was skin tight, but he uncovered me.


Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

laying flat,
my arms outstretched
for you
waiting, ready

an open book
I’m yours
when you need me

the wolf calls,
dear moon mother
lights the
silvery path,

journey within,
follow, submit
gateway of joy

I am She
fulfillment pure

you are He
my sweet delight
indulgence mine