it’s just me you get today
sex-starved and a raving lunatic
naked as i slept last night
some days i just can’t put anything on
until noon when i snap out of this funk

it’s just me and my laptop
warm against the skin of my thighs
my window on the outside world
and your window into my soul
that’s you right there between my legs
enjoy it while it lasts

right now i don’t care whether you are man or woman
you are right where i want you
cuddled up with me in my bed

but it’s just me you are getting
no punctuation or caps
and just the stream that’s in my head
a stream that’s raging white water right now
threatening to take us under
yes you and me together

i’m on the shelf now
on the shelf that I put up with him yesterday
watching him with her sleeping in
he brushed up against me
several times while she watched us
not seeing the tide that was approaching its crest

he kissed me a happy new year
on the cheek dangerously close to my lips
i don’t think she saw my tongue that slipped out playfully
or the angry look that burned in his eyes
it was too dark
but i knew i had to leave or i would explode

erupt as i am now
with you my reader
my lover
in the only way i can
to stay sane
with you

you at my fingertips
accepting you
as you accept me
bare unfettered
jumping off the shelf
into your arms
i love you dear reader
i’m yours