Two songs from the Cult of Hahn

[1] Beware, Cyrus
Of Hora in her time
With one hand she brings life
while the other takes it away.

From The Book of Cyrus, Songs of the Tioch, ch. 1, verse 1

18] The Sycla traversed the rooftops
slaughtering the Cult and Tioch alike
Even the Sholoch suffered great losses.

[19] An airbourne enemy to all,
they fought with daggers,
but purged with fire.

From The Book of Cyrus, Book of the Great War, ch. 7, verses 18-19


Slave to the glass

[1] The child Hora is slave to the glass
Goddess of beauty, her mirror tames her.
She cannot resist its seductive lure.
Away from it, not even Hahn can resist her wiles.
Only a foolish man approaches her.

[2] The woman Hora is slave to the glass,
a mirror that separates her from Hahn,
tool of Cyrus and his descendants
to rule all Albion and it’s people
He who rules Hora tames Hahn.

[3] The ancient Hora is prisoner to the glass.
She succumbs to the four points,
submits to fire and virgin blood
smash the mirror, destroy her image
Cyrus, quench her fire.

[4] The broken Hora is lost in the glass.
In a million pieces, her mind is lost.
She roams the other side endlessly,
a weak resemblance of herself
Her mirror gives no peace.

From The Book of Cyrus, Songs of the Tioch, ch. 5, verses 1-4