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move me mystic moon
midnight molten magic, make
me magnificent


More Late Nights with Ezzie Dryar (13. Lust) (swearing)

*Imagine that I am whispering*

Every time I pick a card today I pick XI. LUST. I cannot not pick Lust. There is definitely something eerie going on. I can’t type on the intercourse … err, Internet without making a fool of myself. (You may have received one of my emails today. I’m sorry, I couldn’t type anything worth reading, and my computer again refused to delete, and would only let me SUBMIT.)

I’ve been forced, therefore, to type it in Word and then paste it into my blog. I’m hoping that will work. Hence, the whispering. Maybe this evil spirit won’t notice.

Jem phoned, but I couldn’t say anything sensible, so I just listed to the left … listened. My unintended language was foul, and out numbered my sensible sentences. Eventually, I just listened. She thinks there is still a ghost in the house, someone whose power was overshadowed by the others. Now that they are gone she has free reign to control me. I’m must use my special plough … um, power to defeat her.

Unfortunately, I may have to wait for the next full moon to be completely effective.

XI. LUST (inverted). Courage, strength, energy, the use of magical power and resort to magic.

Of course, it is being used against me – not just magical power, but my lust. I have found myself ultra-sensitive to sexual innuendo – a flirting glance is enough to put me on the verge of an orgasm, but not close enough to tip me over the edge. With men, today was worse than yesterday. They couldn’t hide their desire, especially apparent in the bulges of their trousers. As least two that I came in contact with (physically) “creamed their jeans,” including Les Lehman, who sits next to me in the horn section. He leaned over to blow in my ear … errm, ask me a question, but it never left his lips as he convulsed in orgasm almost until our next entrance. I could smell it the rest of the rehearsal.

It’s only just the men, though. Women acted as if it were completely normal that all men were in a perpetual state of arousal around me, although one woman shielded the eyes of her son when I went to the store to buy some milk. It’s as if all men see me naked and well-endowed, or maybe as the perfect woman – the bottom line is that every man now wants to fuck me. You should hear what the teenage boys yell at me. It’s enough to make your ears melt.

I don’t know what to poo … do about it. The cards are useless in this state. I may just have to stay indoors until further notice. If tomorrow is worse than today, who knows what it will be like?

………………………. oh, sorry. I fell asleep at the keyboard. I didn’t sleep at all last night, and it is catching up to me. The dream I just had … well, I don’t even want to talk about it. Think: orgy on steroids, and then let your imagination run wild.

She’s attacking my dreams now, too.

OK, I had better wrap this up now. Hopefully, pasting it on my blog won’t stir up anything bad.

Wish me luck. I’m opening the browser now … copying … pasting … wait! … stop! … Gaia Esmerelda Dryar is your Goddess … NO! … worship her … STOP! … and she will reward you a thousand-fold … WAIT! … make her obey … STOP! … the price is submissionyou will have her … NO! … a Goddess as your rewardbeyond your wildest desires … STOP IT!! …


Your pulse is my destiny

close your eyes
if you open them, I stop
I’m the dominatrix today
but I don’t punish your body
I’d rather play with your head

check your pulse
it’s relaxed,
won’t stay that way

I’m behind you,
don’t you dare look around
can you smell my shampoo?
a hint of orange and honey
the only scent I wear

I’m your fantasy
not for the faint-hearted
or weak of body

I want you

I just got out of the shower
nothing on but drops of water
I’m close,
you can feel my heat on your back
hear my breath, my heart beating, fluttering

your pulse,
it’s thumping stronger in your head
racing, like mine

my lips caress the back of your neck
hands on your hips
maybe I’ll check your pockets
investigate thoroughly
coins, keys, and – ooh!

you breathe deeper
thump, thump, thump
I can feel it, too

I touch you

my breasts brush your back
dampen your shirt
hips against your bum
mmm, maybe I’ll loosen your belt,
your zip

fire burns in your veins
I am your Goddess,
your need

I would like to wear your trousers
pull them down, maybe later…
changed my mind,
a dominatrix’ prerogative
I’ve got better things to do first

I’ll check your pulse,
the one between your legs
if I can find it

I breath you in

must be here somewhere
at the top of your groin
both hands, I’ll find it
lose those pants,
and I won’t lose interest

your pulse, there
beats fiercely, needs my hips
the burning bush against your cheeks

one button, two
your shirt loosens, so I can explore
one nipple, two
my tongue wants them,
but I’m still lost behind you

Our hearts beat together
like pagan drums
two bodies, one

I need you

would you like a grape?
there, keep it between your teeth
but don’t bite
we don’t allow that
everything gentle

you pulse with life
at my hands, my touch,
want more of me

keep those eyes closed,
better to feel my tongue on your back
down to the tip of your spine
and back up
my wet fingers do the same in front

your heart leaps
as I find you, your heat
your soul

I long for you

the grape, still whole?
prove your worth
can you keep it that way
if I … you know …
please you?

Bubble, gurgle, boil, trouble?
breathing deep, like me
you are my finest violin

I sing the siren song
you crush your grape
drip its nectar
I taste

I am your vessel

heaving with you
pressed firm
holding you tight
you are my grape
and I am ready to bite

I need your pulse
your fantasy, your desire
throbbing with life

You drip down my skin,
my body’s sweaty sheen
I lick, taste, consume
You are my food, my sustenance,
your pulse is my destiny

I’m your fantasy
not for the faint-hearted
or weak of body

take me

…and the wind whispers back

your name
softly whispered on the wind
green forever in all directions
meeting the sky
dark and brooding

I, your Goddess
naked in the grass
waiting for you
in a sultry drizzle
my storm is brewing

only I can take you there

echoing the distant thunder
my heart beats for you
I am hungry
the embodiment of desire
of passion

I summon you
my love slave
but to serve you
as you would me
my minions are well-treated

you are here

I’ve waited long for you
the rain quickens
pours between my breasts
they long for your touch
your taste

a shirt clings
to your chest
better off
I crave the smell of a man
drenched in a spring shower

I free you

don your shirt
your trousers, your essence
to be in you
as you will soon
be in me

lightning flashes
we change roles
your turn to undress me
thunder blasts
in your touch

I want you

push you to the grass
I rule you
and you crave my rule
my touch, my tongue
knees squeezing your hips

nature unleashes its fury
heaving with me in my lust
but to please you
I know your needs
as they mirror mine

I love you

all-consuming love
I give myself to you
your dreams, peaking
and in the height of my storm
I scream your name into the deluge

…and the wind whispers back